Five Webster Thomas High School art students brightened Rochester General Hospital’s Lipson Cancer Institute.
Quinn Bartusek, Delaney David, Sarah Postigo, Olivia Meynadasy and Alexandra Steve created landscape murals to beautify the infusion room.
A new Center for Critical Care is being built at Rochester General Hospital, and as part of the project, the windows of the infusion room at Lipson was boarded up, leaving the room devoid of outside light.
“The darkness that came to the infusion room was tough for our patients as well as our team members,” said Kathleen Doerner, senior nurse manager for Lipson Cancer Institute and Center for Blood Disorders at Rochester General Hospital.
The Lipson Cancer Center reached out to Webster Thomas art teacher Todd Stahl inquiring about painting a mural that could cover the windows that they are losing for two to three years due to the construction. That’s where the five Titans came in. The school art club members worked throughout the 2017-18 school year to create a five-panel nature-themed mural that was delivered to RGH in October 2018. A few of the artists and their teacher visited the infusion room Nov. 21 to view the room brightening mural and meet some of the patients who spend time there.
“The girls felt great about their involvement and loved getting to see their work making a difference in people’s lives,” said Stahl.