Hillel Community Day School hosted a ribbon-cutting event on Nov. 20 to showcase over $100,000 in upgrades to its cafeteria donated by the Flaum and Ressler Families, now dedicated as the Flaum & Ressler Family Dining Commons.
“We do what we can to improve the education and well-being of a Jewish child and to see the Hillel School flourish,” said Ilene Flaum.
“Our family supports Jewish education because we feel it leads to a strong Jewish identity. The Hillel School is such a strong learning environment for the kids. My sons, Leo and Noah, had a great start at Hillel, and it influenced our whole family to be more observant and more religious by observing Shabbat, going to Shul, and maintaining our Jewish traditions for the next generation,” said Sara Flaum-Ressler, daughter of David and Ilene Flaum. “We want to provide the opportunity for families who want a Jewish education for their children, as well as a well-rounded STEM, and secular background to be able to attend Hillel School. The Dining Commons was important to us because we always support gathering places where people join together, the power of many is so much stronger than the individual. The sharing of ideas and knowledge is accessible in this space.”
This donation came at the end of a $650,000 capital campaign that completely renovated the school and the way the students learn. From the construction of a new STEAM Lab and curriculum, art & ceramic studio, science & sustainability lab and a new library & media center with a broadcasting studio. These upgrades along with the new Flaum and Ressler Dining Commons space has improved Hillel Community Day School.
Email Cschroeder@hillelschool.org to tour the new facilities.