As New York officials continue to address the state’s ongoing opioid crisis, I believe it is important to raise awareness about one misguided measure.
The inclusion of the Opioid Stewardship Act in this year’s state budget, which is essentially a $100 million surcharge, will raise costs for chronic pain patients. It fails to accomplish its supposed goal of lessening opioid demand and addiction.
Several family members, including myself, are dealing with chronic pain conditions every day, and we’re concerned how this measure will impact our legitimate treatments. It’s simply unfair and immoral to impose this additional worry on people who are already suffering.
People managing serious conditions, such as cancer and arthritis, may also experience reduced access to essential medications.
Health care costs in New York are already sky high, and we cannot afford additional costs on our medications. It’s time to consider real solutions, such as combatting over-prescription and the devastating spread of illicit drugs like heroin and synthetic fentanyl.
Rogina Davis