Gates Chili students studying Latin recently participated in the Certamen academic competition.
The Certamen involves questions about the classical world in a quiz competition with buzzers. It provides a way for students to extend their learning outside of the classroom, compete against their peers from other schools, gain recognition and socialize with others who share their interests.
The competition is offered at the state and national conventions. There are three levels: novice for first-year students, intermediate for second-year students and advanced for students from any level.
Gates Chili students placed in the following categories.
Mythology: Michael Lin, first place, Level 1B; Zach Reifsteck, second place; Level 3; and Ajay Bhattacharyya, second place, Level 4.
Roman civilization: Joy Davis and Lin, third place, Level 1B; Spencer Anderson, second place, Level 2; and Michael Herweg, third place, Level 4.
Derivatives: Lin, second place, Level 1B; and Herweg, second place, Level 4.
Vocabulary: Lin, first place, and Davis, third place, Level 1B; and Elise Christopher, second place, Level 3.
Pentathlon: Lin, first place, Level 1B; and Bhattacharyya, third place, Level 4.