The Thanksgiving holiday is an opportunity for us to reflect on gratitude. Throughout the district, there were signs of all that we have to be grateful for, both professionally and personally. As the Christmas holiday arrives in December, we find gifts that truly speak of family, friendship and love for those close to us.
Gates Chili, like no other community, provides hope and optimism at this time of the year for those in our communities in need. We are truly a school community that pays it forward, so many of our students in each of our school buildings participated in charity work during the month of November and in early December. Nonperishable canned goods and other food items were collected and donated to the local food cupboard, donations were collected to help local charities, and holiday food baskets and gifts are being processed for late December deliveries. Thank you to all who helped to brighten the holidays for local families and community members. Our students demonstrate the Spartan Way every day, but especially during this time of the year — respect, responsibility, compassion and hard work.
Thank you to all that helped to make our fifth annual coat drive successful. This was truly a partnership between the school district and community. We have many things still available for our families in need. If you are a family in need ,or know of a family in need, please contact the Central Office building.
Our instructional days during December include the first three full weeks of the month. Staff and students will break for the Christmas and New Year holiday on Friday, Dec. 21. Staff and students will return to school on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019.
There will be no school for our P-5 students on Monday Dec. 10 — this day is designated for parent-teacher conferences. In addition, our P-5 students will only be in session on Friday, Dec. 21 in the morning. This day will be an early dismissal day. Our middle school and high school staff and students will be in attendance for full days on both school days.
Parent-teacher conferences provide time for our parents and teachers to discuss student academic progress, and to partner together to ensure success throughout the school year. Please know that you can meet with teachers throughout the school year to discuss how your child is doing by contacting each building’s main office to schedule a conference.
December is a month to enjoy the musical talents of our students in grades 4-12. You will find a full schedule on the district website for all our holiday concerts. Our vocal and instrumental students have been working very hard to present music of the season as we celebrate this special time of the year.
Our winter athletic season has started. Practices began in November and competitions have been scheduled for December. Be sure to check the website for team schedules. We wish our winter athletes and coaches the best of luck as they officially begin their season.
On Nov. 20, 2018, we recognized the school-related professionals and acknowledged their contributions in helping every child find success both in and out of school. SRP members perform a variety of roles in the Gates Chili Central School District that include bus drivers (head bus drivers), bus attendants, bus mechanics, custodians, cleaners, maintenance mechanics, grounds, office assistants, food service workers, cafeteria monitors, teacher aides, teaching assistants, security and all other job titles that impact a child’s life each day. Thank you to our SRP employees, you have impacted the growth and success of our students. You demonstrate the Spartan Way — “Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners.”
‘Tis the season to begin our focus on the 2019-20 school district budget. We continue to focus on strategic efforts in areas within the current budget that will help us meet the requirements of the tax cap levy limit, without a negative impact on students and best instructional practices. Your thoughts regarding the budget are always welcome by calling the Superintendent’s Office.
Be sure to check out Twitter @gateschilisupt. We are always looking to improve communication and to share the remarkable things happening in our schools. This is also the season of weather-related delays and/or closings. Be sure to watch for announcements on the website, Twitter, and all of the local TV and radio stations. Be safe this winter … and all year long!
Thank you to our Gates Chili Education Foundation for all that you do to provide something extra to help a classroom teacher and/or a student. Please consider donating to the Education Foundation ( during this holiday season, perhaps in lieu of a gift. All the funding stays here in the district, and acknowledges many innovative ideas and creative projects in the classrooms, along with student scholarships.
Best wishes for peace and joy this holiday season, and a new year of health, happiness and prosperity!