It can be a confusing time for families and seniors when seeking residential alternate care for their needs. The Baird Nursing Home in Irondequoit wants to provide basic information to start your search.
Amy DeRusha, social work director and admissions coordinator, said, “I think the first problem is that a lot of people do not know where to begin. I always ask, ‘where are they coming from and what is their reason for seeking other placement?’ From there, I can help individuals figure out what available options they have.”
There are various choices for families and seniors to select from, based on their lifestyle and current/future needs: memory care unit, independent living, assisted living facility, enhanced assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility/long-term care facility, and rehabilitation.
Families and seniors will be exposed to working with one or more of the following professionals: a social worker, placement coordinator or admissions coordinator.
“As a social worker, it is vital to provide as much information to individuals so they can make a well-informed decision that is right for them,” DeRusha said. “My belief is an individual needs to be able to access the proper education and information. I want to help them in anyway that I can.”
DeRusha suggests utilizing the websites and Through the websites, families and seniors are able to look at proximity, available beds, ownership, health inspections, penalties, star/overall ratings, staffing and much more. More importantly, the information is unbiased, based originating from Medicare, as a government site.
When individuals and families figure out options for their needs, DeRusha also recommends printing the Baird Nursing Home visit checklist form. This is a checklist for touring any facility, because while things look the same online or on paper, this form will allow families to compare facilities during personal visits. It can help families ask questions that they may not have thought of before too. Download the checklist by visiting