To the Greece Central School District community:
Thank you to the thousands of voters who decided to Reimagine Greece by approving a capital improvement project that will bring renovations to all 17 district schools, fund the construction of a new shared facility for transportation and support services, and revitalize athletic facilities with the addition of synthetic turf and lights at all four Greece high schools.
Of the 3,489 residents who voted, 2,836 — or 81 percent — supported the Reimagine Greece proposal. I truly appreciate all those who took the time to cast ballots. Through exit polls, hundreds of voters provided valuable feedback and said they supported the plan, because …
“ … Our kids are worth it. Simple as that.”
“ … It’s long overdue.”
“ … The cheapest thing we can give our children is a good education. Money well spent!”
“ … We have a grandchild in the district. We want Greece’s students to have the same quality facilities as the other towns!”
“ … I want my kids to have the safest and best school! The improvements to transportation and athletic fields are huge!”
“ … It’s about time. Our home values will only improve.”
“ … Strong schools equal strong community”
“ … Education is far too important to skimp on.”
“ … I feel Greece is being fiscally responsible with how it is being funded.”
“ … Wonderful that all this can be done without increasing taxes. Very proud to live in Greece since 1966. It’s all about the kids.”
In the coming weeks, the district will select and architect and engineering firm to design the project. It is our intention to complete items related to safety and security first — as early as next year. We will keep you posted as projects finalized and scheduled.
Thank you again for supporting Reimagine Greece. The impact of this vote will be felt for years to come.
Kathleen Graupman