Students from the Rochester Academy of Music and Arts recently took the stage for nine holiday concerts at the Strong Museum of Play.
Over 200 students played solo pieces ranging from pop and rock to classical standards. The free event ran for 14 hours over three days, and featured children ages 4 and older.
The holiday concerts at the Strong Museum have become an annual tradition.
“Students invite friends and family members to the shows, while museum attendees hear the beautiful music and are persuaded inside,” said Brigid Harrigan, Academy director. “The kids are so proud to find out that they performed not only for their loved ones, but for the Rochester public as well.”
The shows — which feature lighting effects, on-site sound engineering and photo opportunities — are designed to make performers feel like superstars.
“We are honored to be able to partner with our friends at the Strong to provide this opportunity,” Harrigan said. “Rochester has a wealth of talent, and we are so lucky to be witness to the gifts of these amazing young performers.”