As county legislators, we strive to find ways to improve the safety of our community. Many residents in Monroe County walk to school, bike on paths and walk trails that pass through busy roads. It is important that pedestrians in our community are safe when they need to use a crosswalk. We are proud to announce that we recently voted for new funding for a project that will increase walkability and improve safety at over 400 crosswalks throughout Monroe County.
At the October meeting of the Monroe County Legislature, we voted in favor of the Monroe County Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. This $1.17 million plan is federally funded and will enhance the safety of our neighborhoods. The plan includes safety upgrades to hundreds of existing crosswalks throughout Monroe County, including converting crosswalks to high visibility crosswalks, adding leading pedestrian interval changes to allow pedestrians to cross before vehicles begin to move, upgrading and double posting over 300 pedestrian crossing signs to high visibility, installing reflective strips on sign posts, and installing rapid rectangular flashing beacons at high pedestrian volume locations. This project is scheduled to begin late in 2019 and construction will be completed by the end of 2020.
We are looking forward to seeing upgrades to crosswalks located in our own community, including:
Legislator Ed Wilt, R-1st District: Lowden Point Road at Beachwood Park, Greece; Dewey Avenue, 370 feet south of Ling Road, Greece; Edgemere Drive, 670 feet west of Dewey Avenue, Greece; East Avenue at Fraser Drive, Hilton; and East Avenue at Canning Street, Hilton.
Legislator Tracy DiFlorio, R-3rd District: Paul Road at Red Bud Road, Chili; Chili Center Coldwater Road at Laredo Drive, Chili; Chili Center Coldwater Road at Brasser Drive, Chili; Union Street at Black Creek Park Entrance, Chili; and Westside Drive at Roberts Wesleyan College, Chili.
Legislator Frank Allkofer, R-4th District: Coldwater Road, 300 feet south of Marlands Road, Chili; Long Pond Road, 64 feet north of Wolcott Avenue, Gates; Wegman Road at Fareson Road, Gates; Elmgrove Road at Lyell Road, Gates; and Lee Road at Trolley Boulevard, Gates.
Legislator Fred Ancello, R-6th District: Dewey Avenue at English Road, Dewey Avenue at Walmart, English Road at Fetzner Road, Long Pond Road at Athena High School, Long Pond Road at Wegmans and Mount Read Boulevard at Tops Plaza.
Legislator Brian Marianetti, R-7th District: Kirk Road at Taybrook Lane, Greece; Greenleaf Road, 385 feet south of Pebbleview Drive; English Road at Long Pond Road; Long Pond Road at Vince Tofany Boulevard; and Long Pond Road at Wegmans.
Legislator Steve Brew, R-12th District: Wheatland Center Road, 640 feet north of Stewart Road, Wheatland; North Road at Browns Road, Scottsville; and Union Street at Black Creek Park Entrance, Chili.
Legislator Kathy Taylor, R-19th District: Fetzner Road at New Prince Drive, Greece; English Road at Long Pond Road; Long Pond Road at Maiden Lane; Mill Road at North Greece Road; and North Greece Road at Creek House Drive.
We are proud to support this program that makes our neighborhoods safer for our friends and families. For more information on the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan and complete lists of impacted intersections, please call our office at (585) 753-1922.