In the summer of 2017, America was horrified and the world looked on as “white nationalists” protested the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia. Also gathered were those who wished to have the statue removed, in efforts to move forward from our sordid past of human bondage and misery. James Fields purposely plowed through a group of those who were marching for peace, social and racial justice, injuring several innocent people and killing Heather Heyer. Now, thanks to a competent judge, Fields was convicted of murder and received a 400-year-plus jail sentence. Good!
We need to make an example of haters such as James Fields, who in our current state of affairs, feel that they have the right to maim or kill others who look or are different from them. We have a “leader” who willingly endorses the hate and discord in his determined efforts to divide our nation.
We will go forth and prove that love and goodness will ultimately prevail over evil.
Linda A. Decker