Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo recently joined Legislator Frank Allkofer, R-4th District; Gates Town Supervisor Cosmo Giunta; and members of the Gates community for a sign dedication ceremony renaming Coldwater Bridge to Settlers Bridge, in reverence of the town’s founding citizens.
Throughout history, Settlers Bridge served as a key link in the Gates community’s connection to the rest of Monroe County.
“This bridge literally helped pave the way for progress and development in Monroe County at the beginning of the 19th century, connecting the growing town of Gates with the rest of our community,” Dinolfo said. “I am thrilled that our newly dedicated Settlers Bridge will forever serve as a testament to the fearless founders who once came upon these lands hundreds of years ago, and who have since built loving homes, successful businesses and bright futures in the town. I thank Frank Allkofer for suggesting this fitting name change.”
First settled in the early 19th century, the hamlet of Coldwater became an important part of the county’s growth. The Coldwater Bridge connected Gates with the rest of the region. Throughout its history, the bridge helped pave the way for progress and development in the town. The newly named Settlers Bridge serves as a tribute to the first settlers of this region who helped to create a greater Monroe County.
“I want to thank Cheryl Dinolfo for her continued partnership and for making this possible,” Allkofer said. “We honor the early settlers of Coldwater by renaming the bridge on Coldwater Road in the town of Gates to Settlers Bridge, and recognize their virtuous and revered accomplishments.”
A new marker was placed designating the renaming of Settlers Bridge on Coldwater Road between Buffalo Road and Westside Drive.