The National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Rochester Section will present “Repairing the Planet II: Hope Through Action,” a climate change program with a focus on action at 7 p.m. on Jan. 23 at Temple B’rith Kodesh, 2131 Elmwood Ave.
Admission is $5, with advance registration encouraged.
As the follow-up to the section’s 2016 event, “Repairing the Planet II” will present actions that can be taken now to reverse climate change and preserve a more livable climate for future generations. Sobering news about hurricanes, floods, droughts and fires serve as continual reminders that climate change is a clear and present danger.
“As evidence of the climate crisis continues to mount, we want to both educate and engage people as problem-solvers,” said Amy Stein, president of NCJW GRS. “While our federal government still has not gotten the message, many individuals and organizations in Rochester have joined municipalities across the state and nation in stepping up efforts to curb fossil fuels and remediate damage to the planet. We realize it is up to us to leave a livable planet to our children and grandchildren.”
The evening will feature two guest panelists: Norma Polizzi, local environmental lawyer and member of Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project; and Sue Staropoli, environmental activist and member of the Rochester Pachamama Alliance.
Polizzi, a full-time student in an environmental justice master’s of law program, recently attended the International Conference on Climate Change in Katowice, Poland. She will bring attendees up-to-date on the latest developments at home and around the world.
Staropoli serves as a leader in the local alliance with Pachamama, a community dedicated to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet. She will present the work of Project Drawdown, among the most comprehensive plans ever proposed to reverse global warming.
Visit or call (585)234-3475 for more information.