Since the railbed along the Auburn Trail was sold to adjoining landowners in several places, it wasn’t possible to follow the original tracks in every location when the path was improved with a federal grant in 2006.
One example is the west side of Maple Avenue in Victor, where the tracks are still in place and occasionally used. It was necessary to bypass that section and find an alternate route.
Another example is between East Victor Road and the parking area on Break of Day Road. Not all of the landowners wanted a trail in their backyard, so alternate routes were constructed. One route was to follow on the road with a wide shoulder and appropriate signage.
Victor Hiking Trails wanted to find a way to avoid the shoulder of a road. Trailmaster Carol MacInnes revisited the landowners on Break of Day Road and asked them to give VHT a revocable permit allowing the trail to continue onto their property. They said yes.
Volunteers started clearing brush and small trees after receiving the permit. Exposed stumps were tagged for Kevin Holtz, owner of Holtz Forest and Shade Tree Consulting, to remove with a stump grinder.
The group conducted an informal survey to ensure the trail stayed on the property as it progressed down the side of the railroad embankment. Harry Wells at American Equipment LLC in Farmington agreed to donate an operator and the machinery to carve out a bench cut for the trail, as well as treadway surfacing material to keep the new ramp from washing out. This saved volunteers hours of manual labor with picks and shovels.
Now, walkers and bikers can follow the trail and avoid the road.