They're after your Apple password and if they get that, they can get a lot.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) - If you got phone calls from someone saying they're from Apple, hang up.

It's a scam.

Our news partner, News10NBC found one man whose phone never stopped ringing.

He's one of a handful of people who contacted News10NBC after the calls started. The crooks calling don't want to help you with any technical problem.

They're after your Apple password and if they get that, they can get a lot.

"Yeah, I got eight calls and they started at 9:57 in the morning," Jim Coon said looking at his call list on his kitchen table in Webster.

Coon says the calls didn't stop for three and a half hours.

"The average person can't do much about stuff like that and that's exactly why I called you," he said.

A viewer named Beatrice Rhoads says she was called 10 times on Saturday.

News10NBC reached her at her home in Springwater, Livingston County.

News10NBC: "When did you get the calls approximately? What day?"

Beatrice Rhoads, Springwater: "Saturday. All day, all morning and the afternoon."

News10NBC contacted Apple's headquarters in California.

It directed us to Apple's support webpage where it says if you get one of these calls, hang up and contact them directly.

Tyler Frederick, Mac-Ave by Jessi Group Victor: "Major corporations like Apple, Amazon, Google will never call you out of the blue."

Tyler Frederick runs Mac-Ave with his family. It's a computer store in Victor.

Frederick: "With these robo-calls, they're attempting to get your user name and password to gain access to your account so they can have access to your iCloud, potentially your Amazon account, bank accounts."

In Webster, Jim Coon kept the voicemails he got on Saturday. The computerized voice warns that before you use your Apple device, he needs to talk to a support advisor.

"Just annoying and thinking that some other elderly person gets scammed," he said, "because that happens all the time."

The number left on the voicemail is to the Apple store at Eastview Mall in Victor.

News10NBC called it. We got an immediate message that says Apple is aware that these calls are going around. The message says don't give any information and if you think you've been hacked, call your local police.

An insurance policy is to change your password. You can find instruction on how to do that by clicking here.