John Ninfo II, a retired federal bankruptcy judge, recently spoke to Hilton High School students about the importance of taking responsibility for their financial future.
Ninfo is the founder of Credit Abuse Resistance Education, a national, nonprofit organization that provides students and young adults with the skills they need to make smart financial decisions. CARE is a volunteer-driven organization, with a network of approximately 1,000 expert volunteers in chapters across the country who give free educational presentations in high schools, colleges and community youth organizations.
Ninfo spoke to Theresa Jasen’s career and financial management classes about his top 10 lessons for a secure financial future. Among them are control your spending, or it will control you; the only “good debt” is the debt you can afford to repay and have a plan to repay; get the best value for every dollar you spend or borrow for an education and minimize student loan debt; and don’t use credit cards to buy “stuff” you can’t afford.
“Judge Ninfo gave the students so much food for thought,” Jasen said. “His presentation about Credit Abuse Resistance Education and the stories he shared of his experience as a federal bankruptcy court judge beautifully reinforced their growing knowledge of financial literacy. There is great synergy when classroom meets real world.”
“It’s not about your academic IQ, it’s about your financial IQ,” Ninfo told students. “Commit yourself to remembering that money comes from hard work.”
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