ROC Achieve Charter School’s board of trustees announced the school will not seek to renew its charter granted by the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, resulting in closure of the school at the end of this academic year in June.
“We have a wonderful community of learners and have made a positive difference in the lives of our students,” said Karen Podsiadly, board chair.
This fall, ROC Achieve started its five-year charter renewal process with SUNY. The exercise provided an opportunity to reflect on the goals the school set for itself upon opening in 2014.
“ROC Achieve has made remarkable strides,” Podsiadly said. “Our academic results have moved students forward in great ways, but, unfortunately, we did not meet the high expectations we set out to achieve.”
The decision not to pursue renewal was voted on at a recent board meeting.
“Our first priority is and always has been the students, and we are putting them first in this decision,” Podsiadly said. “We are sharing this information quickly so we can work with families to plan their next steps.”
The school notified faculty and staff of the charter application withdrawal. A letter was mailed to homes and parent meetings are being organized to answer questions. ROC Achieve will help students and employees make the transition to other schools in the fall.
“The board would like to thank the faculty and staff for their dedication, the parents for their support, and the students for their hard work,” Podsiadly said. “We look forward to our students finishing the school year strong.”
ROC Achieve will remain open through the end of the school year.