It’s January. The year is fresh, state and federal governments have issued tax form greetings. Now it’s time to make a list of things you hope will happen during the months to come.
I make a huge list every year, and watch only one or two wishes come true. The rest are too outlandish or best categorized as “excessive expectations.” I hope for too much and ask the impossible.
Under my current policy of favoring the slightly out of reach, I get to fantasize that that I am very powerful; however, I am only one and this is my wish. I hope our nation can finally all get back to work, make a living and live the life we each were born to live.
The unrest in our country has me wishing. We need a national day of peace. The Woodstock peace festival was 50 years ago as of this summer 2019.
Love leads to world peace. What a great headline for a new year!
Donna Turner