2018 was a year of many accomplishments in Brighton. Brighton was named as the Best Place to Live in New York. We completed the Envision Brighton 2028 Comprehensive Plan update, predicated on a sustainable focus for Brighton’s future. We have begun work to establish Community Choice Aggregation for the purchase of renewable source electricity for residential utility customers in Brighton. On the last day of the year, we completed the purchase of an additional 26.3 acres of open space adjacent to Buckland Park, making Buckland our largest park with over 145 acres.
As we look forward to 2019, we continue to focus on opportunities to continue to advance Brighton’s core values of inclusion and diversity, education and sustainability. One way we will address issues of diversity and inclusion is through the work of our volunteer Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee. This committee will review and make recommendations on Town policies and procedures relating to diversity and will also begin to develop a Diversity and Inclusion Plan for Brighton.
We will continue to work with Pittsford and Irondequoit to implement Community Choice Aggregation to bring 100 percent renewable source electricity for residential and small business customers. Construction has begun on the first phase of construction of a new home for the Brighton Winter Farmers Market in Buckland Park and that work will likely continue into 2020. We expect to begin to identify ways in which we can begin to prioritize and implement the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan update.
We expect to begin construction on the Highland Crossing Trail in 2019. The trail is a joint project with the city of Rochester, funded largely with state and federal grants, which will run from Brighton Town Park, where it will connect with the Erie Canal Trail, north past Empire State College and the Brickstone community, to the city of Rochester, where it will connect with the Genesee River Trail. The trail will be a recreational bike/walk trail and a new route for bicycle commuters to the University of Rochester and downtown.
Traffic and pedestrian safety will continue to be a priority in 2019. The Brighton Police will continue to give special attention to traffic concerns, particularly in the 12 Corners area near TCMS and BHS. Town Councilmember Christine Corrado will be leading the rollout of the Pace Car program in Brighton this year, to encourage drivers to commit to obey specific traffic rules of the road. We will continue to look for funding streams to facilitate safe streets projects and advocate for traffic safety and calming measures with State and County Transportation officials, who have jurisdiction over most arterial streets and highways in Brighton. We plan on constructing more sidewalks in Brighton, particularly in areas near schools.
My colleagues on the Brighton Town Board, Jason DiPonzio, Chris Werner, Robin Wilt and Christine Corrado will continue to work proactively to advance these plans and other opportunities during 2019 to continue to make Brighton a community we can all proudly call the best place to live in New York.