After the town board spent six months in 2018 developing a 2019 budget that meets the needs of the Webster residents, Gov. Andrew Cuomo now wants to eliminate the funding we get from New York State. The funding stream, Aid and Incentives for Municipalities, also known as AIM, is $140,000 the town of Webster received from New York State in past years to help fund operations during the current budget cycle.
It is totally amazing that the governor, on many occasions in 2018, liked to speak out against the federal government for programs that he thought would hurt New York State. However, we now have a governor that is doing the same thing, causing hardships on all of the towns and villages in New York State by pulling funding in the middle of a budget year.
If the governor proceeds with his promise to eliminate AIM, the town board will have to take recuperating action of $140,000 somewhere else in our budget. This could mean cutting a service or doing without a piece of equipment that we have previously budgeted for. I am astonished that the champion governor of the imposed tax cap here in New York State now wants to cut funding to towns so that we cannot even provide the necessary equipment and manpower to provide services to our Webster residents.
I do not want to cut funding for more officers for the Webster Police Department, or equipment to the Highway Department, or services to the Webster Public Library. However, this is the reality we face, and I will be discussing what appropriate actions to take at our next town of Webster Department Head meeting.
Unfortunately, as the governor continues with his progressive agenda, he is leaving behind the residents that pay the bills here in Upstate New York. Maybe that is the reason millions of New York State residents are leaving our state, the governor’s unmanageable mandates and policies without proper funding to the towns they live in, like Webster.
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