Bron Bohlar pleaded guilty Thursday morning in connection to the shooting deaths of a couple in Sodus.

A Texas police officer pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge in connection to a double murder in Sodus.

Bron Bohlar pleaded guilty Thursday morning in connection to the shooting deaths of a couple in Sodus.

Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn were gunned down in October.

Niles is the ex of Charlene Childers, who is arrested in connection to the couple's murders.

Her current husband, Tim Dean, is accused of shooting and killing them outside of their Sodus home.

Bohlar's defense attorney, James Riotto, released a statement on his client's behalf.

It states, "Bron understands, in hindsight, renting a car for Tim Dean was a severe lapse in judgment."

It goes on to say, "At the time, renting a car was seemingly a considerate act for a friend who was down on his luck. People, who know Bron, would say this is consistent with his character and the type of person he is.

Unfortunately, the signs he overlooked were because of a misplaced sense of friendship and it resulted in tragedy for which he is truly sorry."

Bohlar began his law enforcement career in 2008, working in Sunray, Texas, where Dean was once the police chief.

" [Bohlar] will not offer excuses about being manipulated or deceived although, this is what in fact occurred. Bron was a sworn member of law enforcement and he realizes he should not have been blind or allowed to be misled," stated the release.

His defense attorney said Bohlar will work with the District Attorney's Office to assist in their ongoing prosecution of Dean and Childers.

"Bron does not presume to believe any words he can offer will bring solace or comfort to the families of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn. However, he hopes his actions since the tragedy and going forward will demonstrate sincere repentance," closed out the statement.

The Assistant District Attorney, Christine Callanan, plans on trying the husband and wife at the same time.

"[The case] is voluminous. It crossed from Texas to Missouri and up to New York, so there is a lot of evidence in various jurisdictions," explained Callanan.

All three remain behind bars.

Bohlar's next hearing is scheduled for June 13.