The Merton Williams Middle School community in Hilton sponsored a rainwater collection system last year that is giving 354 students and teachers at Mirembe Junior School in Uganda’s Wakiso District access to clean, safe drinking water.
The collection system eliminated 17.83 miles of walking for water and reduced collection time by 14.67 hours each day for students, which is time and energy they can spend learning and playing.
“We’re so grateful that Merton Williams Middle School chose to partner with the Ugandan Water Project to give water and give life to Mirembe Junior School for years to come,” said Marina Cull, communications director. “We hope that this experience was as rewarding for the staff and students as it was for our team. We look forward to partnering with Merton Williams again in the future and are excited to see what they continue to accomplish for the people of Uganda.”
Visit for details on the rainwater collection system sponsored by Merton Williams. The installation report includes photos, GPS coordinates and survey data.