Two Wayne Central School Board members, Steve Gallaher and Dennis Landry are in the process of possibly getting ousted over alleged "official misconduct."

Two Wayne Central School Board members are in the process of possibly getting ousted over alleged "official misconduct."

At last Thursday's school board meeting, a last minute change was made to the agenda.

They introduced resolutions to remove Steve Gallaher and Dennis Landry.

"We found out about it minutes before the board meeting last Thursday," said mom and PTO member Abbie Schmitt. "It was an addendum to the agenda and no one was given a heads up whatsoever."

According to a statement by the district, the last minute change was because they were "still reviewing attorney-client information."

Three resolutions were passed; two allowing the board to charge the members and the third to hire an external hearing officer for an upcoming hearing on the charges.

"We were all completely baffled," admitted Schmitt. "They were just added to the board last year, elected last year, and we chose them to be our representatives and replace the incumbents."

Gallaher and Landry released a joint statement in response to the accusations that says:

"We rebut all accusations made by the Wayne Central Board of Education on Feb. 7, 2019 for official misconduct. We have done nothing wrong and we are shocked by the actions taken by the Board of Education. We will take any and all necessary actions to fight these baseless charges presented by the Board of Education, including appealing to the NYS Commissioner of Education. We would like to thank the public for their support and look forward to clearing our names and getting back to the work that we should be doing, serving the community, teachers and staff and most importantly, the students of Wayne Central. "

Nobody seems to know what sparked the accusations, including the two board members being accused.

In a statement, the district says the public can file a Freedom of Information or FOIL request for details on the charges. You can find the form by clicking here.

School Board President Tim Reynolds declined to comment to News10NBC.

News10NBC also reached out to Superintendent Mathis Calvin but was told by a spokesperson the district is not ready to make a statement and pointed us to a statement on their website.

The statement reads:

"The Wayne CSD Board of Education adheres to its protocols, policies and procedures as outlined in its handbook, New York State School Boards Associations training protocols and District policies. The Board is committed to ensuring that all members follow through with its expectations and adhere to New York State laws.

Out of concern for the district and in an effort to maintain its integrity while fulfilling its State specified duties, the Board of Education has agreed to enter into this process and has appointed an external hearing officer to assist us with this matter.

Ensuring that this process is followed through with integrity and transparency is of the utmost importance to the Board as we continue to work on behalf of our students, staff and community. Questions and answers pertaining to the Feb. 7 Board of Education meeting are available by clicking here."

In the upcoming hearing, the external hearing officer will give a recommendation if removal is warranted.

No date has been set for the hearing.