With the increasing effect of climate change on the environment, there is a demand for clean energy which does not emit carbon dioxide.
One solution is the use of gaseous hydrogen-powered fuel cells to generate electricity with water as the only product.
The future of the universe depends on educating teachers and students to be more proactive with clean energy. Therefore, funded by a Constellation, an Exelon Company: Energy to Educate program, they will be offering a program for high school teachers, during the months of March and April which contains Earth Day on April 22. In addition, two-day training sessions for high school students will be available during the month of July. Both programs are free and include lunch.
The training will cover the topics: global warming; clean energy sources; hydrogen as a fuel and an energy carrier; fundamentals of electrochemistry; electricity generation using fuel cells; fuel cell construction; hydrogen properties, storage and production; and hydrogen infrastructure.
In addition, the participants may do hands-on experiments at Rochester Institute of Technology associated with fuel cell construction and use for electricity generation, measuring the amount of hydrogen generated and parameters of electricity generated and solar electrolysis of water.
Contact Alla Bailey at avbsch@rit.edu or Gerald A. Takacs at gatsch@rit.edu who are co-authors of the book titled “Introduction to Hydrogen Technology”, Second Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., for information on attending training sessions.