As I reported last fall, the discovery of five aneurysms resulted in a five-month sabbatical from running. The good news is that I had successful bypass surgery in October on the one behind my right knee.
I returned to running in mid-November, completed the Race with Grace 10K on Thanksgiving morning running, albeit slowly, every step of the way. I had an ultrasound of the other four remaining aneurysms recently and am blessed to report they are stable. My low energy level that began this whole adventure was solved by hormone therapy.
The lesson learned in all this is that you have to be your own health care advocate and keep asking questions until you get an answer that makes sense.
I have since resumed my suburban assault runs of Greece. By January’s end, my stat line read 119 SARs, 958 streets completed representing approximately 365 miles of roads. I have estimated what is left to be done to finish the task at hand.
Although initially told there were 700 miles in the town, I have concluded that it is more like 450. It also appears by rough count that there are approximately 1,050 streets to run. Depending on weather conditions and the ability to run safely outside, I suspect I will complete my journey in the April-May timeframe.
I am now contemplating the route for my final run. I am presently thinking a finish at the town hall might be appropriate.
Keep running, my friends, and enjoy the journey no matter the pace.
Bob Dyjak is director of the Race with Grace 10K and captain of the Bagel Bunch Running Group.