Merton Williams Middle School recently inducted 50 students into the Hilton Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.
The ceremony opened with Principal Tracie Czebatol welcoming the audience and inductees.
“So much of how you got here came from inside you,” she told the inductees. “You have passion, you have desire, you aim to be the best versions of yourself in everything you do.”
Alyssa Andraki, Samantha Fisher, Karlee Hargather, Evan Hazard, Lauryn Mangiacapre, Ava Parkhurst, Alexander Richmond, Amanda Simpson, Isabella Smith and Samantha Wetzel participated in the candle-lighting ceremony, where they described the five characteristics of membership: scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character.
Advisers Mia Geiger and Emma Lenhard spoke about each inductee’s accomplishments as they walked across the stage to be congratulated by administrators, receive their pin, sign the registry and then, together, recite the oath.
Criteria for induction include a 95 percent GPA, two leadership activities and community service hours.
Science teacher Reggie Gerig was selected as the guest speaker. He told the audience a story about his time in college and the lessons he learned.
“Failure is a part of life, so take advantage of it,” he told the inductees. “I am not perfect. I know what’s best for me more than others. Take time for yourself, doing something you enjoy and building relationships with others.”
The ceremony ended with the new inductees handing their parents personal letters of thanks.