Xonox Technology GmbH has taken a step to increase its influence in North America by opening a subsidiary in the Greater Rochester area.
The facility will include a demonstration lab showcasing the Xonox line of instruments for lens inspection including their class-leading vertical interferometer workstation, Fizeau transmission spheres, center thickness gauging systems and other instruments used in the inspection of individual lens elements.
Xonox has set itself apart through thoughtful design, novel implementation and unparalleled integration to create a product portfolio that streamlines the inspection and measurement of lens elements in single piece and/or series production. With the opening of Xonox Technology Inc., North American customers will have closer access to a fully equipped demonstration lab where they can experience Xonox products.
“We are excited to provide direct access of our products to our North American customers,” said Frank DeWitt, general manager and director of Global R&D. “We believe that the strength of the products is in the user experience and therefore this step to provide more current and potential customers the opportunity to experience the products for themselves will surely be a catalyst for the growth of the Xonox brand in North America.”
To celebrate the opening of the new facility Xonox Technology GmbH President Peter Flug will be present in Fairport to co-host a week of scheduled demonstrations from March 25 to March 29. To take advantage of this opportunity, email f.dewitt@xonox-tec.com to set up an appointment.