Local broadband service provider Greenlight Networks recently started construction of its fiber optic network in Greece.
Greece Janes/Kirk is the first Greenlight district to be built in the town. The company started accepted orders in 50 districts last year.
“We’re excited to begin construction of our fiber optic network in our first Greenlight district in the town of Greece,” said Mark Murphy, president and CEO of Greenlight Networks. “We have seen a lot of demand since we announced our expansion last summer. We added 20 employees in the second half of 2018, so we can build our network twice as fast and connect people that have requested our service as fast as possible.
“This neighborhood in Greece is served by underground utilities. We recently started several construction projects in these types of neighborhoods, and are working with many different contractors to continue to build our network in neighborhoods with underground utilities as well as neighborhoods served by the utility poles.”
Greenlight Networks’ fiber optic network recently increased the speed of its standard service by 500 percent to 500 Mbps.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the addition of a fiber connection to a home can increase its value up to 3 percent. A recent survey by the Fiber Broadband Association found that residents will pay 8 percent more to rent an apartment with a fiber connection. The study found a reliable, high-speed broadband connection was listed as the most important amenity by residents when choosing an apartment or condo.
“I am happy that the installation phase of the Greenlight Networks service offering in Greece has begun,” said Bill Reilich, town supervisor. “I encourage residents who are interested to visit the company’s website to research if this option for high-speed internet is the right fit.”
Greece Janes/Kirk qualified for construction first, because the community showed enough demand by placing orders via the company’s website. At that time, Greenlight worked with the town to obtain the necessary permits to start construction of its fiber optic network. Greenlight will continue to build the network throughout Greece in 2019, targeting areas of highest demand.
Visit greenlightnetworks.com for information.