The Rochester area’s newest and most innovated escape room has opened.
Omega Escape Room, 80 Rockwood Place, offers three different themed rooms to test a group’s puzzle-solving skills, communication and ability to work together. Omega Escape Room opened its first location in Buffalo in 2018 and is bringing its escape room experience to the Rochester area.
Omega Escape Room is an immersive, 4D game venue that puts a team’s logic, deduction and puzzle-solving skills to the test. The rooms are designed to transport to other times, other lands, and sometimes even other dimensions.
The game venue offers a higher quality escape room experience because it pays attention to every detail creating an enriched experience for guests.
“The past few years have been what we call ‘Phase 1’ of escape rooms — somewhat sparse rooms with very basic puzzles and props,” said Allison Cossitt, creative director of Omega Escape Room. “Omega marks the beginning of ‘Phase 2.’ We focus on fully-immersive rooms with a lot of attention to detail. We also designed a clue system that is exclusive to Omega Escape; all our clues are accessible through a touchscreen computer inside the room. This puts the clues into the player’s hands and allows them to help themselves when they are stuck rather than having to wait for the help of a Game Master.”
The Rochester location offers three puzzle rooms “Fall Out Shelter,” “Billy’s Nightmare” and “Game of Clans.” The “Fall Out Shelter” challenges participants to prevent World War III. The second room, “Billy’s Nightmare,” takes participants into the life of Billy, a 13-year-old boy who has been trying to summon a demon from another dimension. His plan is to entrap the demon to make it do chores and his homework. One night he succeeds in opening a portal, but the tables get turned and Billy is sucked into another dimension. Now it’s up to the participants to save Billy.
Finally, “Game of Clans” takes place in a medieval castle and is loosely based on Game of Thrones. However, players don’t need any knowledge of the show to participate. The participant’s clan has been invited to the castle of a rival clan to celebrate a wedding between the two clans but treachery is discovered, and participants come to find that their rival clan is planning to betray them. The players are captured and locked inside the castle room. Participants must escape and stop the wedding within an hour.
Omega Escape Room’s newest location in Rochester welcomes all ages to come see if they can escape before the clock runs out.
Prior bookings are recommended for everyone. Omega Escape Rooms also offers private events including birthday parties, corporate events, friend nights out, family get-togethers, team-building events and bachelor/bachelorette parties.
“Escape rooms are for everyone! We’ve seen people of all ages and all walks of life have a great time in escape rooms,” said Cossitt. “Often people think they need to have a Ph.D. to excel at escape rooms, but really all you need is a love for excitement and fun. We are great for all types of events, we have even witnessed a few marriage proposals.”
Call (585) 736-4877 or visit for more information.