The One Webster high schools team, 1126 SparX, has worked on its robot design to compete at the Destination: Deep Space Rochester area regional March 14-16.
The game promotes teamwork in scoring cargo — 13-inch playground balls — into a rocket ship and cargo ship using hatch panels — plastic covers. Near the end of the 2 1/2-minute match, the 130-pound robots can gain an extra point by climbing up blocks.
SparX is comprised of 47 students and 21 adults working together to design, build, test and practice operating a robot in six weeks to successfully compete at Rochester Institute of Technology and then at Cleveland’s Buckeye Regional on March 28-30. These events are free to the public. To totally understand the robotics program, visit or visit to learn about the team.
SparX is supported by the Webster School District, Xerox Corp., Accede Mold and Tool, OptiPro and Harbec Inc.. Anyone interested in visiting the team or curious how to help can contact SparX through its webpage.