The Friendly Home recently honored member Betty Smith with an artist’s reception, recognizing several of her paintings that were recently on exhibit in the Home’s Member Art Gallery.
Several of Betty’s fellow members and staff attended the reception. Smith, a Rochester native, always liked to draw, and her love of art blossomed during night classes she took in her 40s. She first began painting in oils and then moved on to pastels and watercolors. With a particular fondness for painting landscapes and flowers, Smith was inspired by her family’s many camping trips in upstate New York.
“I don’t consider myself an expert artist, but rather it is for my own enjoyment,” said Smith. “It doesn’t have to be perfection; it’s for your own satisfaction.”
The Friendly Home’s Member Art Gallery showcases the artistic works of residents on a rotating basis throughout the year. Past exhibits have included paintings, illustrations, photographs, quilting and more.
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