The 12-year-old admitted to leaving a threatening message in a Bloomfield Junior High School bathroom found Monday morning, as well as being involved with a similar incident last week

A 12-year-old Bloomfield student admitted to making a threatening message discovered Monday morning, March 11, on the wall of a boys' bathroom at Bloomfield Junior High School, as well as being involved with a similar incident March 8, according to the Ontario County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office responded to the school at 9:16 a.m. Monday after the threatening message was discovered. The school administration ordered a shelter in place, and the sheriff's office searched the school. According to deputies, a review of video inside the school led the school resource officer to a suspect, the 12-year-old juvenile, who was interviewed and admitted to this incident. The juvenile also admitted to involvement with the March 8 incident, which led to a separate juvenile suspect.

The school will be dealing with the disciplinary action of both students, and the sheriff's office will complete juvenile referrals for potential Family Court presentation for the charge of third-degree falsely reporting an incident.

At no time was there a credible threat, nor was anyone in any danger, deputies say.