I am a former West Irondequoit resident of 29 years now living in South Carolina. This letter is to inform you of an amazing friendship between couples that until now has lasted fifty years. Recently, with the death of the sixth of our men/husbands a couple of weeks ago, I feel compelled to inform you of this friendship of couples from all professional backgrounds.
The men of these seven couples included one butcher, one physician, one corporate engineer, three marketers and one human resource manager.
The women/wives of the men were mostly homemakers, but they all were involved in volunteer work. One was a foster home for unmarried expectant mothers, another volunteered for the Humane Society, another was involved as a judicial court watcher, another volunteered in a hospital emergency room, another volunteered for a charity and another volunteered as a local private motherhouse for nuns.
What did all these couples have in common? We were all members of the St. Margaret Mary Church at 401 Rogers Parkway. We all had large families, two had six children, three had five children and two had four children. After all these years, while the church no longer exists as a parish, I still remember our church and its address.
I am writing this now because my husband and I are the only ones left, and my husband has Alzheimer’s disease and no longer remembers any of this. That he knows who I am is a blessing, but I don’t know how long that will last.
The women were nicknamed “The Mouths” by their husbands because we women all talked over one another and still knew what each other were saying. When the movie “The Ya Ya Sisterhood” came out, we women all went to see it because it reminded us of us. Sometimes (rarely) we performed, and when we did, we called ourselves The Irondequoit Irregulars.
One time many years ago, we were practicing in my wide driveway on Simpson Road for some event. Somebody must have called the Irondequoit Press and a photographer came down and took a picture which when published, the caption under the picture said something about terpsichore — delight in dancing!
This is a testament to friendship, loyalty and unending love. I believe it is deserving of publication. I hope you agree.