Pittsford Town Supervisor Bill Smith recently announced the town’s latest sustainability initiative — a composting program at the town’s Spiegel Community Center.
Through a partnership with Impact Earth, the town collects food scraps from its senior lunch programs instead of throwing them away. The scraps are then picked up and composted by Impact Earth, which uses worm composting and other natural methods to turn the material into nutrient-rich soil for use in agriculture. Some of the compost will be returned to Pittsford, for use in the town’s community garden at Thornell Farm Park.
According to Robert M. Putney Jr., of Impact Earth, Pittsford is the first town in Monroe County to launch such a composting plan.
“This new composting program is the most recent example of our continued commitment to sustainable practices in Pittsford,” said Smith. “We’re especially pleased that some of the composted soil will be returned to us for use in our community garden. The program not only allows us to reduce waste; it also improves our environment and encourages sustainable practices. It is a win for everyone involved.”
The town opened its community garden, which offers garden beds to residents, in the spring of 2017.
The Spiegel Pittsford Community Center serves lunch four days a week to about 30 seniors each day in its VanHuysen Community Room. The town is considering expanding the composting program to encompass other programs at the Community Center and at other town facilities.