According to gallery director Tim Massey, the current exhibition at the Tower Fine Arts Center Gallery, 180 Holley St., Brockport, “celebrates the accomplishments of graduating BFA students.”
The spring “BFA Thesis Exhibition” is on display until March 31. The show is free and open to the public, though the gallery will be closed on March 16-24 for academic break.
The exhibit features the creative output of five artists: Zane Davies and Flore Tallarand, drawing, and photographers Sage Green, Samuel Moe and Amanda Spencer. For two of the artists, their work is personal.
“I have always struggled with self-confidence,” Moe said. “I have had a very difficult time finding comfort in myself and my community. Through the use of art, I am beginning to break down the walls with which I have surrounded myself and I’m starting to discover who I truly am. Through my photography, digital art and mixed media, I explore self-portraiture as a capsule to not only explore my own sense of self and my self-confidence, but also as an outlet for others to do the exact same thing. My goal is to instill a sense of comfort in self-expression and exploration in myself and my audience.”
Tallarand, whose works tend to be dystopian landscapes, transfers her memories of her childhood in Haiti into her art.
Two artists are turning their talents into a vocation. Davies is working in graphic design for a company that trades in garments and promotional items. Spencer is a painter for the Brockport Auxiliary Services Corp., where she designs and paints murals in the dining halls on campus.