The following are crimes that have occurred recently in and around your neighborhood. The Post does not identify individuals or locations in this blotter. For more information regarding these incidents, please contact the Irondequoit Police Department.
Reports from Feb. 15
• An employee of a local business on Titus Avenue caught a suspect concealing various property items down his pants. Suspect was placed into custody by business security where the suspect admitted to shoplifting. Case closed by arrest.
Reports from Feb. 16
• An employee observed a suspect concealing various items and exit the store without paying on East Ridge Road. The employee then witnessed the suspect walk across the street to another business, and it was there that officers located the suspect and placed him into custody. Case closed by arrest.
• An employee observed two suspects placing various items into a shopping cart and exit the store without paying on Titus Avenue.
Reports from Feb. 18
• Victim stated when she returned home from work, she noticed her kitchen window was open and there were footprints beneath it on Hill Court Circle. Victim stated that her apartment door was unlocked and various items were missing from her home. No suspects or witnesses at this time.
• Victim states she heard glass breaking from one of the bedroom windows in her apartment on Portland Court. When she looked outside she saw a vehicle fleeing the location. Case closed due to lack of solvability.