Longtime Brighton resident Susan Moyer has been on a quest to discover her birth family.
As an adoptee born in Albany, she, along with other adoptees, are denied access to her original birth records for they remain sealed in the state of New York. Moyer is the author of “The Lonely Child: The Journey Of Search To Find My Biological Family,” a speaker and adoptee’s rights advocate.
“Not having access to our birth records is both a civil and fundamental right that is denied adoptee’s,” Moyer said.
Moyer discovered at the age of 16 she was adopted. She had her suspicions prior to that for she always felt and looked different from her adopted parents. It was after the birth of her children Moyer was determined to discover from where and whom she came from. She had no idea that it would take 30 years to put all the pieces together of her own personal puzzle.
“Without having access to my original birth certificate, I had zero information, not one name just the name of the hospital and orphanage in Albany,” Moyer said.
Moyer had no idea where her search would lead in hopes of discovering the biological family she so wanted to find. She had no idea if she would, in fact, be able to find them.
Her journey took her back to where her life began to the orphanage in Albany, to walking the streets of Brooklyn, to searching records in Manhattan and Toronto. Through the years and with the help of DNA testing, Moyer has now discovered the answers to many of her questions. She now knows who her birth parents were and now knows that she is not the “lonely child” she was growing up but has the siblings she had so hoped for — many siblings.
Moyer shares her story in detail in her book “The Lonely Child.” It is a story with
emotion, discouragement, frustration and determination.
Moyer does speaking engagements sharing her story and the wrongfulness of having adoptees’
original birth records sealed. She brings awareness to the topic of adoption from an adoptee’s point of view.
“I truly enjoy helping others in their search and when those touched by adoption either an adoptee, birth parent or parents of an adoptee share their stories with me,” Moyer said.
Moyer is lobbying in Albany at the capital to try to get a “Clean Adoptee Rights Bill” passed that will bring about change and open up birth records in New York state for all. Moyer will be heading to Washington, D.C., where she has been asked to do a presentation at the American Adoption Congress on April 4.