Students at New Day Christian Preschool in Greece are learning about community helpers. As part of this unit, registered nurse Amanda Lewandowski talked to the children about her job.
Lewandowski is a nurse at Unity Hospital, where she has worked for eight years. She explained some of the things nurses do during her presentation and showed students the tools of her trade.
The preschoolers tried on masks and gloves to stop the spread of germs. Listening to their own hearts through a stethoscope was a big hit. Lewandowski showed how a nurse uses saline and bandages to care for a wound. At the end of the presentation, each 4-year-old went home with a Boo Boo Bunny, a combination of a freezable cube and a washcloth shaped to look like a rabbit.
“My favorite nursing quote is ‘Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud’ [by Maya Angelou],” Lewandowski said.
More guests are expected as the children explore the people who help in their community. According to teacher Judi Marino, the classes will hear from a musician, seamstress, sheriff and quilter.