Isabella Kuo, along with all of her aliases was located and arrested in the Golden State and escorted back by Ontario County deputies after an arrest warrant was issued by the court.

ONTARIO COUNTY — Isabella Kuo, the accused shoplifter that deputies say couldn’t stop striking Sephora stores is back in jail after Ontario County sheriff deputies took an almost three-thousand mile trip.

Kuo, who had an arrest warrant issued by Ontario County Court Judge Frederick Reed after missing multiple court appearance was brought back to the jail from San Francisco, by two Ontario county Deputies.

"She was located in the San Francisco area and brought back to the Ontario County Jail where she is being held on no bail,” said Assistant District Attorney Nathan Thomas. “Because she was brought back within 30 days of the warrant being issued, there will be no additional bail jumping charges.”

Thomas said that Kuo’s bail of $2,500 will be used to cover the cost of the deputies to fly out to San Francisco and bring her back.

Kuo was initially arrested after authorities say she was stuffing her bags with over $900 worth of merchandise from the Sephora department store at Eastview Mall. Kuo had been previously banned from all Sephora stores nationally for previous theft accusations.

The trail of names and criminal charges for Isabella Kuo seems reminiscent of the movie “Catch Me If You Can.”

Isabella Kuo is charged with two counts of third-degree burglary in Ontario County after allegedly stealing from the Sephora store in Eastview Mall in Victor, a store from which she is banned.

So far Kuo has been known as Isabella R. Kuo, Adria B. Kuo, Adria Belle Kuo, Adria Isabella Kuo and Adria Kuo. In 2008, she legally changed her name from Adria Belle Kuo to Isabelle Rowan Kuo.

According to Thomas, Kuo’s family enlisted a New York City attorney. Kuo's next court appearance will be handled through a conference call on March 28.