Some area farmers are marking a sweet time of the year as the maple harvest begins

Some New York state farmers are marking a sweet time of the year as the maple harvest begins, with the Kettle Ridge Farm in Victor joining maple producers around the state for "Maple Weekend".

Visitors got to see the business of tapping maple trees for maple sap and the long process of cooking it down to make maple syrup.

Industry advocates say maple products have become a New York Specialty Industry that's reviving.

The producers at Kettle Ridge say their very short maple season is off and running after a chilly start.

New York farmers mark beginning of maple harvest

"It turned out to be a little bit colder," said farm owner Joe Hurley "So there was a period of time when we were not able to make maple syrup, but the last wek or so have been very good and we hope for a good week next week and then the season may be over by the end of next week based on weather predictions."

"Specialty crops are very much becoming important as part of New York agriculture," said Helen Thomas of the New York State Maple Producers Association.

"It's where we shine, because of the nature of the smaller farm parcels in New York and the fact that our weather can be a little unpredictable."

Maple Weekend in New York State is now in its 24th year and it has gone from involving ten farms to involving 182 of them.

The last Maple Industry Conference in Syracuse brought in farmers from 17 states and 7 Canadian provinces.