Thirty Wheatland-Chili students in grades K-5 recently participated in the fourth annual T.J. Connor Science Fair.
Elementary students used the scientific method to present their ideas to the judges. This consists of question, hypothesis, materials, procedure, observation and conclusion. The students also had to cite their sources.
Cindy Dawson served as a judge, along with University of Rochester students Christina Liu, Adam Luk, Nandini Samanta and Jacob Schmidt. The science fair is organized and hosted by the Wheatland-Chili PTA.
The following students placed at the science fair.
Kindergarten: Michael O’Donnell.
First grade: Collin Humphrey, first place, and Max Fraser, second place.
Second grade: Taylor Lewis, first place; Deshaun Green, second place; and Olivia Bates, third place.
Third grade: Ginevra McClive, first place; Sawyer Galajda, second place; and Ryan Baird, third place.
Fifth grade: Cora Baird, first place; Camden Eichele, second place; and Abby Lange, third place.
Annaliese and Nickolas Schoenthal took first place in the group category for grades K-2, followed by Ronan Pizarro and Mason Reeves in second. Payton and Madison Pope tied for first with Megan Fraser and Ava Pizarro for grades 3-5.