As president of the Islamic Center of Rochester, we want to convey our deep felt condolences to the hate crime victims of the terrorist act in New Zealand mosques.
The terrorist act at mosques in New Zealand during prayer services is an ongoing reflection of hate, racism and ignorance about a peace-loving faith practiced by 1.8 billion people in the world. In our own country, such horrible crimes have been happening in places of worship in the last few years. Any justification and giving legitimacy to such ideology which encourages the closet racist and haters to act on their impulses in such violent ways should be condemned unanimously.
Here in America, we need to stand together irrespective of any belief, race or gender, culture, or ethnicity against such such ideologies that encourages such hate crimes. We at the Islamic Center are thankful to the continuous support from all faith and civic groups expressing solidarity with the local Muslim communities.
Tabassam Javed
Islamic Center of Rochester