Isabella Kuo, 34, faces two counts of third degree burglary from the Sephora at Eastview Mall after allegedly swiping over $900 in merchandise.

CANANDAIGUA — An out-of-state woman facing larceny charges was ordered held on no bail after deputies traveled to San Francisco to bring her back to court.

On Thursday, Ontario County Court Judge Frederick Reed ordered Isabella Kuo held on no bail and her $2,500 frozen to likely cover her extradition costs.

Kuo appeared shackled, sporting a tan prison suit, alongside her attorney, Mingli Chen, a defense attorney who traveled from Queens to represent his client.

Kuo was arrested back in September on two counts of third-degree burglary for allegedly stealing merchandise from the Sephora store in Eastview Mall in Victor. Kuo had been banned nationwide by Sephora, a prestigious national make-up retailer. Court records show Kuo was banned from Sephora in connection with an incident at a California store and was also charged in connection with a theft from the chain at the Destiny USA mall in Oneonta County.

“My client is innocent,’ said Chen.

Chen argued in court that his client recently underwent eye surgery from one of the top eye doctors in the country and should be released for follow-up exams.

Assistant District Attorney Nathan Thomas, who is prosecuting the case, argued that Kuo is an absolute flight risk as demonstrated by her repeated failure to appear at court dates. Thomas said he fears if she is bailed out it will be the “last we see of her.”

So far Kuo has been known as Isabella R. Kuo, Adria B. Kuo, Adria Belle Kuo, Adria Isabella Kuo and Adria Kuo. In 2008, she legally changed her name from Adria Belle Kuo to Isabelle Rowan Kuo.

Chen further stated that Kuo is currently a law school student and attended college in California. Previous statements made in court claimed that she already has a master's degree.

Kuo is accused of stealing over $900 in merchandise from the chain.