Rochester Institute of Technology is inviting scholars from across the globe for a summer workshop to foster research in science, technology, engineering and math education, with a focus on developing junior and emerging researchers.
The workshop is part of the Professional-development for Emerging Education Researchers program, a global network of peer researchers focused on expanding theoretical and methodological expertise in science pedagogy.
The workshop will feature small group discussions where participants share research interests and develop research questions. They will continue to develop ideas, adding methodology and data sources as they go. Participants will spend time developing research plans as living documents that grow through constant writing.
“We, as facilitators, encourage core principles promoting research as playtime that should be fun and communal,” said Scott Franklin, RIT physics professor, PEER co-founder, and director of the Center for Advancing STEM Teaching, Learning and Evaluation. “We’ve experienced research questions and ideas growing best through group discussions.”
Participants will look at the following questions: How do students collaborate within and among lab groups, and how does the nature of that collaboration change over the course of the summer experience? How do gender and ethnicity affect conversational equity in lab groups? How does participation in the program affect student views of the nature of science and the role of experimentation?
PEER-Rochester 2019 will run July 5-13 at RIT. Registration is available online for interested individuals. Visit for information.