Dave Maliszesky, of Henrietta, has been fishing all his life and for the last 35 years has been ice fishing. He fishes at Conesus Lake, Mendon Ponds, Honeoye Lake, Sodus Bay and Braddock Bay. It’s been a while since Canandaigua Lake was frozen over, but the last time he was there he caught lots of perch.
He likes to fish at Braddock Bay using pike minnows, which he buys at Mitchell’s Bait Shop in Charlotte. Brian Mitchell has all the equipment; while chatting with him and others at the store, they have the chance to exchange information and find out what is going on, and find out where all the action is.
The ice on Braddock Bay was 12 inches thick this year. The past few years have been warm and the ice fishing was spotty. Dave and his fishing buddy Gary like to get out on the ice early just before dawn, using flashlights to find a good spot. They drill holes in the ice and set up their tip-ups. Sometimes, the DEC officers show up to check on licenses and make sure everyone is in compliance. They are allowed five pike per man. The enforcement officers are doing a good job and are always helpful.
As the ice fishing season ends, Dave gets ready to fish on Lake Ontario from his boat, fishing for lake salmon, brook trout, steelheads and coho salmon. He enters the Lake Ontario Derby in summer and fall. In 2015, he won $3,000 for a brown trout weighing 15 pounds, 4 ounces.
One this is for sure: whatever the season, Dave will be out there catching fish and enjoying the outdoors — a real sportsman.