There are two kinds of communications from Pittsford residents for which I’m especially grateful. When residents go out of their way to let me know how much they appreciate living in our town and how much they approve of the way our town government does its job. The other is when people make me aware of a problem that requires attention, or share their ideas about something new for us to consider.
Superficially, these may seem to be communications of a very different character from each other. In reality, the opposite is true. They’re related very closely. Together, they illustrate the twin imperatives that drive our town administration’s work at its most fundamental level.
Our commitment is to make sure Pittsford remains one of the best and most desirable places to live in the state of New York and even the country. Accomplishing that requires the precise opposite of resting on a status quo: It demands continual improvement — on many fronts and all the time.
This is why town hall is such a busy place. We take nothing for granted, but pursue continual improvement that fits the character of the town and enhances it. The cut in town taxes in this year’s budget, our Pittsford Community Library, our renovated community center, quality neighborhoods, the East Avenue sidewalk, our new community gardens, improvements to our trail systems, our new athletic fields, our joint plan with the village for better walkability and pedestrian safety, Pittsford’s leadership in sustainability and environmental initiatives, earning designation by the state as a Clean Energy Community, partnering with neighboring towns to bring cheaper electric power to our residents with a commitment to sustainable sources — these result from continual improvement in keeping with the essential character of Pittsford.
That essential character is defined by you, the residents of Pittsford. With all the sweeping variety of backgrounds, walks of life, faiths, political views, ancestries and ethnicities, residents of our town share so many values about the characteristics of day-to-day life that define Pittsford as a community of quality that makes it the place where we choose to live. That make it a place where we’re willing to invest in our homes because the quality of our schools and the policies of our town support Pittsford’s property values. That define the place we call home through that bundle of characteristics that comprise collectively what we think of as quality of life.
To maintain that quality of life, our town administration needs to know your priorities as we move forward together. What issues are important to you? How should we prioritize them? What’s your opinion on various public initiatives that are being considered, or have been proposed by other residents? What’s your take on town services?
For this reason, we’ve commissioned a townwide community survey. I urge you to participate.
The survey covers a broad range of topics and your responses will help guide the town government as we plan for Pittsford’s future. Your responses will be completely anonymous. It’s critical that you have a comfort level in telling us what you really think. Understanding what you think about critical choices for the town is the whole point of the survey.
By now you should have received from the firm engaged to do the community survey a postcard bearing a code unique to your household. The mailing went to every home in Pittsford. Use that code to submit your responses. The code can be used by each member of your household aged 18 or older. Your code will not be associated with your responses, and at no time will the town of Pittsford have access to individual survey answers. The town’s contract with the firm engaged to do the survey prohibits release to the town of survey responses linked to any name, address or survey code. We’ll receive an aggregate tabulation of responses to each question.
Please set aside the seven to 10 minutes needed to complete the community survey. You’ll find it at You can do the survey online, but paper copies are at the Pittsford Community Library and at the Spiegel Pittsford Community Center.
We in town government are your employees. You’re our boss. We understand that few people have the time, or often even the interest, to reach out to the town government to express an opinion, especially if you’re substantially satisfied with municipal services and management. So we’re reaching out to you, through this community survey. It’s critically important to hear from as broad a representation of Pittsford residents as possible.
We need your responses in order to maintain and improve Pittsford as a place to enjoy as your home for a lifetime — from amenities, programs and services for kids, families with children, and adults, to maintaining and improving it as the best place to live for residents in their retirement years.
Together, we’ll ensure that Pittsford remains the community of quality that brought you to it in the first place, through the continual improvement for our residents that gives Pittsford, throughout our region and beyond, its reputation as the place to be.
Should you have questions or comments about the survey, or any other topic, you can reach me
directly by phone at (585) 248-6220 or by email at As ever, my door is open and I answer my own phone. Let me know what you think!