RBTL predicted 60,000 people would come into the Auditorium Theatre over three weeks of performances.

Leaders of the Rochester Broadway Theatre League declared victory on the opening night of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" at RBTL's Auditorium Theatre.

"This is the Hamilton era and we are part of it," exclaimed RBTL Producer Albert Nocciolino.

"This has got a lot of energy behind it, so it's a great thing for Rochester," said David Gipner of Rochester who, Tuesday night, joined enthusiastic crowds at the theater with his wife and two children including nine-year-old Tessa who knew much of the Hamilton soundtrack by heart.

"I love theater and it's really great," Tessa exclaimed. "And Hamilton sounds, like, awesome."

The traveling company of the hit show, which offers a hip hop interpretation of the American Revolution and the life of founder Alexander Hamilton, opened Tuesday night for a three-week engagement at the auditorium.

Many fans declared themselves swept up in the widespread popular excitement over the show, including Samantha Poeppleman, an RIT student from Sacramento who displayed her tickets.

"They're hot," she laughed. "It's exciting and it's opening night, which makes it even better."

Her tickets were special, her first season tickets for all RBTL's shows this season, for which sales surged to a record level after the announcement "Hamilton" was coming to town.

"I think it's really good for the community to have something like this around," said Doug Stack of Canandaigua. "It's such a big event."

Stack and his wife Joanne considered themselves regular theater-goers who considered seeing "Hamilton" on Broadway in New York City, were discouraged by the price, then found the Rochester performance a perfect opportunity.

Nocciolino said the RBTL had tried for years to book Hamilton for Rochester and praised the shows ability to bring in new audiences who might not normally have gone to any theatrical performances before.

"It's a show that tells a story in a way that's never been told before," he said. "And it particularly resonates with young people which is very exciting for all of us."

RBTL predicted 60,000 people would come into the Auditorium Theatre over three weeks of performances.