This past Thursday the Webster Economic Development Alliance hosted a breakfast for interested parties who have shown interest in development in the commercial and industrial zones here in Webster. This also included businesses interested in the newly created opportunity zones here in Webster by the Federal government in mid-2018.
Congressman Joseph Morelle was in attendance talking about issues on the national level, and the Greater Rochester Enterprise explained how they are encouraging development in Monroe County with many new small company openings.
GRE representatives explained how Monroe County has an unusually large higher-education sector and an abundant technically sophisticated and reliable workforce here in Rochester and the surrounding areas. This is a huge plus when outside companies are looking to relocate to Monroe County.
We had conversations about the opportunity zones here within the Xerox campus and what the town of Webster can do to take advantage of this opportunity into the future. Matt Chatfield, executive director of WEDA, spoke on behalf of the Webster Alliance on the plentiful business opportunities within our community at this time. He spoke on the Chilled Water District, the Eastside Water Treatment Plant, 115kv power and high-pressure natural gas in our industrial zone, and the many opportunities for business at some of the open buildings at Xerox.
The WDEA is made up of members from the town of Webster, the village of Webster, the Webster Central School District, the Webster Chamber of Commerce and the Business Improvement District. This group meets monthly to organize and discuss business opportunities in the community, along with seeking grant monies available to encourage development in Webster.
Many meetings lately have been spent meeting with Xerox representatives on the future of Xerox, and we have had good discussions about the future of the buildings on the campus as the primary discussions. Unfortunately, I cannot give out specifics at this time, but the WEDA feels confident that anything that does happen at Xerox in the future can be offset by new and small businesses that want to invest in Webster, and fill the buildings on the campus with new up-and-coming ventures.
Economic Development is not dead in Webster; it is still progressing at a reasonable rate of progress while taking in new and old business opportunities and expanding as opportunities exist.
As always, if you have any questions about your town government, please feel free to contact me during regular business hours at (585) 872-7068; or email me anytime at