Do the Right Thing recognizes local students

The Do the Right Thing Ontario County program recognized the following students this year for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments and good deeds.

Canandaigua: Chloe Jepsen and Moises Rodriguez.

Geneva: Ryland Dunham, Colby Lahr, Emilie Mayer, Carlos Ortiz-Bonilla and Nicholas Vasconez.

Marcus Whitman: Blake Dunton.

Midlakes: Aidan Cort, Kenneth Deland and Cory Richardson.

Red Jacket: Jaiden Henhawk, Garrett Lawrence and Angel Rivera-Hernandez.

Victor: Abbie Sandburg.

The goal is to reinforce socially desirable behavior among youth, foster a positive relationship between law enforcement and youth, and demonstrate that good kids are newsworthy to inspire others. Each student received a plaque, letter of commendation and $50 gift card.