The Autism Council of Rochester Inc. recently partnered with Flower City Habitat for Humanity to create a housing program for individuals and families with children and adults living with autism.
This partnership’s focus is to remove barriers that prevent families from fully participating in homeownership, including those in the build process and the necessary accommodations for sensory needs modifications, which may be a challenge for individuals on the spectrum and possibly prevent them from being able to enjoy their physical surroundings and comfort within their home.
Currently, the program has five applicants in the process.
“We are very excited about the new housing program and the steps being taken to serve a vastly underserved group in our community,” said Lawana Jones, founder and executive director of the Autism Council. “As a parent of someone living with autism, I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges living situations can create on a daily basis.”
“We are truly gratified to be in partnership with the Autism Council of Rochester,” said Matt Flanigan, CEO of Flower City Habitat for Humanity. “We look forward to providing homes that will allow each individual to be fully supported and truly benefit from their living environment. We know the impact on our homebuyers and their families will be a lasting one. We look forward to continuing to work together to achieve our mission of building homeownership, communities and hope.”
Groundbreaking for the initial two homes in the program will begin in June. Email for information on the next round of applications.