To the 10 families that have joined the lawsuit to stop Whole Foods, I ask you to please stop suing our town of Brighton and let the Monroe Avenue development on the old Mario’s/Clover Lanes site finally move forward. After five years of fighting and driving by a now abandoned site, we are tired of it all and just want to see something new. This project may not be perfect, but it will probably be better than many other alternatives. Please stop the fighting and bickering and let the project move forward. Nothing will ever be perfect.
What started as neighbors concerned about the project, quickly morphed into a politically and corporate-backed effort to stop the development. The neighbors who are currently suing the town to stop the project are affecting the rest of us by reducing our property values and choking new development in our town where old development already existed. Wegmans has been vocal about their objection to the project citing their concerns about traffic. We are all concerned with traffic, and the Wegmans on Monroe Avenue is by far the largest traffic generator in the area. Most of us must deal with the traffic that Wegmans generates, just to go spend our own money at the very Wegmans that is causing the most traffic. We don’t hate Wegmans, we just want another option, an option that doesn’t require us to drive all the way down through Pittsford Plaza.
Your lawsuit is allowing Wegmans to profit on the backs of our dollars. Every day Wegmans can keep Whole Foods from opening is another day they win. Wegmans is funding the greater majority of these nine lawsuits, and they are using you to keep their charade alive. Wegmans is nice, but they care more about their profits than they do traffic, and they are using the neighbors to get their way and control competition. Don’t fool yourselves. They use traffic as their disguise to fight competition because they know traffic is always a hot button for any neighbors. They are paying Mr. Jacobson to spend his time and energy convincing the neighbors that this lawsuit is not about Wegmans, but instead, they say the lawsuits are meant to “save the people.” This man Howie, who recently moved to Brighton after living in Canandaigua and gloating about his new house by the lake and how wonderful it was to live away from it all, now comes back to our town and all of a sudden starts fighting for more lawsuits? Sounds very fishy. Mr. Jacobson did not attend one single town board meeting during the first three years of the Whole Foods project. It was only in the last months when he abruptly “decided” to join the fight against the project. It is public knowledge that Danny Wegman and Mr. Jacobson are friends and have often worked together on various projects including properties on Canandaigua Lake where they both lived. Howie now lives across the street from Colleen Wegman about 3 miles from Monroe Avenue, and now Danny Wegman just moved in down the street from them both. Danny Wegman doesn’t want to drive past a competitor every day. And he has the money to control anything he wants to. Including stopping competition from coming into his neighborhood. Mr. Jacobson’s job is to stop or delay the Whole Foods opening and convince the neighbors that a lawsuit is the best tool to keep them from opening for as long as possible, under the guise of more traffic. And every day that goes by is more money in Howie’s pockets and less money in our tax rolls.
Please don’t be fooled thinking Howie and Wegmans care about you or the traffic. Their motive is money. Don’t let them use you for their gain. Allow our community to get past this and move on. Please ask to remove your name from the lawsuits. And after Howie tries adamantly to convince you otherwise, think again about who is benefiting and who the lawsuits are truly being funded by...and who is really writing the big checks? Ask to see the hundreds of thousands of dollars that has already been spent on multiple lawsuits and weekly full-page ads. My bet is you will see nothing. This is not our community, we are better than this. This is not how we live together as a community. End the lawsuits and let’s move on. Don’t be another pawn in a larger game. Don’t let Wegmans control competition by continuing to use you.